Hot Mess to Goddess through Shameless Self-Care.

A Chakra Yoga 

Workshop Series

Ren Yoga Flow
110 W. 5th Street
Sundays 1-3 pm

This is an eight-week chakra deep dive and yoga practice. 
Release shame. 
Reclaim your brilliance & light. 
Create balance & grace. 

You know you are meant for more and you recognize that you are not just broken or in pieces but that you are whole. 
You may be dented, bruised, or bent out of shape, but you are whole and every bit of you is worthy of love. 

If thoughts are the language of the mind then emotions are the language of the body, and chakras are the union between the two. 

This eight-week series will teach you to: 
  • Leverage your chakras for deep mind-body-soul connection. 
  • Overcome shame, guilt and feeling like a victim, so you can step into your goddess power. 
  • Feel in control of your emotions & fight or flight response to connect to your body's Divine Feminine Wisdom. 
  • Work with your yoga practice to reintegrate & align your chakras. 
  • Use essential oils in less than two minutes a day to create a touchstone to the peace & calm you crave. 
  • Trust your Intuition to guide you to inspired action. 
  • Work with goddess cards, yoga, essential oils and breathwork to cool your hot mess & bring the power of the goddess home.
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March 1st  - Intro to Chakras
 Join Kestrel Cservenak for an overview of the chakras and how you can leverage them for everything from trauma resolution and living your life with more grace to more balanced hormones. Find out why what you've been taught about chakras is not entirely accurate (for example: they cannot be "balanced").

 If you've always been interested in chakras but couldn't get into the woo-woo or esoteric, this class is for you. Kestrel will break it down into plain language & offer specific guidance on how to actually use your chakras in a practical way. We will work with goddess cards, crystals, essential oils and do a meditation to open all of your chakras and a meditation for using the chakras for manifestation. 
Come check this out, even if you know about chakras--this takes the chakras out of the esoteric and into the practical.

March 8th  -1st chakra 
First chakra is all about survival and your relationship to all things survival, including money, food/body, family, shelter, inner child and inner child trauma. This is the foundation for chakra work and for everything you have going on in your life. If you're tired of watching the same thing happen over and over again and you're not sure how to change it, it lies in your first chakra. 
We will do a meditation to connect you to your inner child.

March 15th - Second Chakra 
Sexuality. Sensuality. Desire. Pleasure. Creativity & Emotions. This chakra can hold deep trauma and silence, but is also the key to healing & joy. Find your voice and learn to listen to and be guided by the Divine Feminine. 
You will learn about the seasons of your cycle and how to sync with the moon as well as meet your Divine Feminine.

March 22nd - Third Chakra 
 You've heard the expression "Fake it 'til you make it? Lift your chest, pull your shoulders back." 
What that actually means is "Open your 3rd chakra." This is the center of Self: Self-Expression, Self-worth, self-confidence, self-actualization. This is where you become and express you, as well as being at the heart of our relationships. 
Allow yourself to shine & radiate brilliance because the brighter you shine, the more permission you give to others to shine too. 
Get ready to go deep, brag, meet your shame, do some self-forgiveness & learn how to accept a compliment.

March 29th  - Fourth Chakra 
Heart chakra is all about love, compassion and forgiveness. Melt your heart walls to find true discernment and boundaries around your heart so that you can receive all that is meant for you and let everything else just pass through and find out why protecting your heart may be making you sick. 
We put up heart walls to protect ourselves, but it actually has the opposite effect. We will melt your heart walls with gratitude and compassion and we will breathe through grief.

April 5th  - 5th chakra 
Throat chakra is all about the truth. 
Emotional truth can be volatile, but still needs to be expressed, so we will experience finding our voice and really dealing with and metabolizing our emotions so that we can express our Truth to our loved ones. 
If you find yourself boiling over with emotion and over-expressing rage & frustration OR locking your emotions inside until you feel sick and overwhelmed you need to come to this class! 
We will voice our emotions and find the way to express our Truth so that everyone can hear it.
We will talk to a tree and learn the ho'o pono'pono to unlock our Truth.

April 12th - 6th chakra 
This is your connection to your intuition, to the voice inside that tells you what a magical, powerful, beautiful being you are...and maybe you've been letting your "inner mean girls" take the stage and push her down, but she is still there, calmly waiting for you to get quiet and find your power. Quiet the mean girls and allow your powerful inner voice to call the shots. 
Meet and connect to your higher self. 

April 19th - 7th chakra 
The Crown chakra is your connection to the Divine-to Love, to God, to Source, to the Universe...whatever your words are. This is your guiding light and divine inspiration and when you surrender to it, this is when your mind, body & soul can truly heal. This is what guides the beautiful symphony that is you and allows the music playing from you to be in harmony, as rich and deep as you are meant to be.
Connect to the Divine & then connect all of the chakras & realize your vast capacity to create. 

Hot Mess to Goddess
8 Week Chakra Deep Dive

Rose Massage Therapy

955 N. Greenwood (New Location!)

Wednesdays 5:30-6:45 PM

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Schedule a Chakra Goddess Gathering and eat yummy snacks, drink "cocktoils," anoint yourself in essential oils, draw Goddess cards & discover the magic of leveraging your chakras to connect to your Divine Feminine & Goddess self.
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Schedule a donation based one-to-one session with Kestrel to discuss your chakras. These can be done virtually or in person.

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