• I tried to use essential oils years ago and they mostly just sat in a drawer. Then Kestrel came along! Now my health and my life are totally shifted, I use oils every single day, I don't leave town for even a night without them. I find myself saying regularly "I bet there's an oil for that! I'll ask Kestrel!" and there always is. What separates Kestrel from another essential oils expert is her intuitiveness and her understanding of how the oils work. Anyone can look in a reference book, and that's great. I have the reference book and I love it. But Kestrel takes it to another level. She can help you find the underlying reason and the oil for that underlying reason. And I have seen people make shifts that they weren't able to make until they spoke with her. My whole family and friend circle is using essential oils now, and we are all asking questions of Kestrel. I ask her regularly to teach education classes for us on specifics like using oils for our emotions, hormones, in our cooking, with our children, it just goes on and on! I realized recently that I no longer spend money at the store on conventional remedies. I just don't need anything, essential oils are taking care of it all! I can't recommend working with Kestrel enough! She is a blessing in my life.

    Cara Hollenbeck, Dragonfly Diva, Teacher of Superpowers
  • I just got my first night of restful sleep WITHOUT my traditional solution. I used the Balance & Serenity combo you suggested and it appears to work. That's $120 a month I don't have to pay anymore. (happy cry)

    Willow Barnett
  • My experience with essential oils has been a lot of learning! I came from not even knowing what or why, to I can't live without my oils. This would not have been possible without Kestrel. She is so patient and always, and I mean, always ready to help, explain and demonstrate. I've seen it firsthand how these "oils" can be used in everyday life.

    Terry Cservenak
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