Sacral Chakra


2nd, Sacral Chakra, in Sanskrit it is Svadisthana-One's own abode.

Your second chakra is the seat of your passion and pleasure and is located in the pelvic area, between your ovaries or gonads. 

It is the center of emotions, sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, creativity, the balance of masculine and feminine and fertility. 

The element of Svadisthana is Water, this chakra teaches flow. 
The core beliefs associated with 2nd chakra are your beliefs about sex 
*Is sex a necessary, nurturing pleasure or is it shameful?
*Sensuality-are you comfortable in your sensuality or do you hide it?
*Intimacy-are you good at intimacy or do you struggle with it?
*Creativity-do you bask in your creativity or feel that you don't have a creative side?
*The balance of male and female-do you tend to be more one than the other?
*Money -what are you willing to trade your time for to make money...this is the chakra that is not just about having a job, but moving into a can choose to do something rather than just doing something for your survival.
*Fertility-not just of the body, but the mind and ideas as well.

Your sex organs are located about 2-3 inches down from your belly button on either side. They are responsible for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone…all the things you need to create a baby.

Recommended essential oils:
*Neroli: the oil of shared purpose and partnership-incredibly powerful for claiming our sexuality and sensuality. Also powerful support for libido as well as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone balance.

*Hawaiian Sandalwood: the oil of sacred devotion-when we approach sex and intimacy with devotion we can create incredibly beautiful experiences for ourselves and others. A very balancing oil for estrogen, progesterone and especially testosterone. It can help to increase sperm count when rubbed on the perineum.

*Grapefruit: the oil of honoring the body, and can help to clear xenoestrogens (false estrogens) off the receptors, so that our own natural estrogen and progesterone can be in perfect balance.

*Fennel: the oil of responsibility-we feel so much responsibility to ourselves and others through our sexual behavior that this is a powerful oil to claim our sovereignity and heal any sexual trauma we may experience. Fennel is another powerful oil for balancing estrogen/progesterone.

*Clary Sage: the oil of clarity and vision-when we have clarity and vision of who we are and what we want to be, our creativity sparks and we come alive in passion and purpose. This is one of the most powerful oils for sexual hormone balancing.

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