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Hot Mess to Goddess workshop


Are you tired of feeling like a Hot Mess? Would you like some tools to be able to cool your hot mess in minutes? This workshop will help you understand why those hot mess moments happen and some things you can do to turn your hot mess to goddess.

Balancing your hormones can be tricky, but with chakra alignment, essential oils, yoga and meditation, you will have some easy tools to bring yourself back to the Badass Goddess you are meant to be.

This work comes from 4 years of research into essential oils, 20 years of yoga practice, 10 years of meditation practice and some intensive chakra work. I believe every woman is a powerful goddess inside and self-love is the best way to bring that goddess forth. You can love every part of yourself to heal from heartbreak, autoimmune disorders, illness, depression or even just to be a kinder, more loving version of yourself.

Come hang out with us on Saturday, February 23rd  from 3-6  pm at Yoga Studio Satya in Colorado Springs at 1581 York Rd for some yummy treats, transformative conversation, essential oil goodness, meaningful meditation and a fun yoga class.

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