Crown Chakra


7th: Crown chakra, from Sanskrit Sahasrara meaning "thousand petal lotus."
It is connected to the Pituitary Gland and Hypothalamus.

This chakra is located at the crown of the head. This is our connection to the Divine. It is the meeting point between finite (body) and infinite (universe & soul). At this point we experience oneness with all. It is our guiding light and we feel lost when we don't have that connection and trust in the Divine.

Core beliefs related to this chakra:
*Do you believe in the Divine?
*Do you believe in a higher power? 
*Can you connect with the Divine and be guided by its wisdom? 

This is our connection to the Divine...our guiding light for all that we do in our lives. When we feel that strong connection to the Divine and our purpose, we are excited to get out of bed each day and when we lose that connection we can't figure out what it's all about. We slide into depression and despair. 

The HPA (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis was integral in teaching me about this chakra, because when you listen to people speak about what saves them when they are undergoing stress and hardship, almost all of them talk about the moment of surrender, of letting go, of believing in something greater than themselves, being the key to healing. 

The pituitary gland is the guiding light for the endocrine system, just as the crown chakra is the guiding light for our spiritual and life path. The Pituitary gland and Hypothalamus function as the conductor of the beautiful symphony that is your endocrine system. They instruct all the glands (instruments) to play the right notes, to achieve homeostasis which is what keeps us vibrantly alive.

7th chakra blend:
*Arborvitae: oil of Divine Grace, supportive of brain function and cognition.

*Frankincense: can bypass the blood-brain barrier and bring oxygen to the brain.

*Hawaiian Sandalwood: oil of Sacred Devotion.

*Geranium: oil of Love and Trust. The Divine just LOVES us. Life happens, but it is not engineered by some higher power...we are responsible for our lives and in all of that, we are LOVED beyond anything we can comprehend. We can trust that love to guide us and hold us and lift us up, very supportive of the adrenals, ovaries, pancreas as well as pituitary. Just as love and trust are guiding lights to keep our emotions on track, geranium is a guiding light to keep the body on track.

*Copaiba: the oil of unveiling-offers a deep intertwining energy to unveil deeper meaning and messages showing up in our lives. It invites us to come to the Divine for clarity and redefinition. Powerful hormonal support.

*Siberian Fir: the oil of aging and perspective-it aids in the necessary healing and reconciliation process of a life full of mixed experiences and connects us to our roots and our ancestors. In many cultures, the ancestors are the divine, and a guiding light to follow their wisdom and experience. Powerful hormonal support and liver support. 

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