Just Breathe...

In our daily life, it's not always easy to find the time for self-care. Shoot, it's not even always easy just to catch our breath. Here's a little secret...Breath is self-care. Breath is life. And breathing is one of the fastest ways available to us to get mindful in a hurry.

So, do this little exercise with me...find a moment to just sit and close your eyes (this works with littles-my term for children, crawling all over you, but is slightly easier without them). Now take a breath. Don't worry about doing it right or wrong, just take a breath in and exhale. Take a few breaths...Now, take your attention to really filling up your lungs completely. Notice any places where it feels hard to inhale...notice if this corresponds to any tightnesses in your body. As you exhale, exhale slowly, and try to empty your lungs completely of breath. Notice how this softens your body, your muscles and your mind. Again inhale and feel any places where you have tension in your lungs, or in your body, try to bring just a bit more oxygen into these tight places. As you exhale, exhale slowly and completely and feel how this softens your body.

As you breathe, feel how more grounded and in touch with your body you are. This is your first lesson in mindfulness. Anytime you'd like to feel more relaxed and more grounded, just pay attention to your breath and try to soften the tension away by using your breath. 

Accompanying essential oil: Breathe..."encourages individuals to release grief and sadness, and to receive genuine love and healing...It invites individuals to let go (breathe out) and receive (breathe in). In this way, this blend teaches individuals to embrace life through breath. Breathe imbues individuals with the courage to fully open." 

From Emotions and Essential Oils 3rd edition Fall 2014