Solar Plexus Chakra


3rd: Solar Plexus chakra, Manipura  means "Lustrous Gem"

Third chakra is located between your navel and your solar plexus. It is the center of self-empowerment, self-awareness, self-confidence, will power and self discipline. All things related to the self. 

The element of Manipura is fire...this is the fire of determination and will that burns within all of us.

The 3rd chakra core beliefs center around who you believe yourself to be and how others perceive you and how that affects your relationship to yourself, so this is a center of relationships for us as well. 

When working with the core beliefs you can ask:
Do I feel worthy? 
Do I feel powerful? 
Do I have self-confidence? 
Do I look to others for affirmation or can I affirm who I am? 
Do I have self-discipline? 
Do I do the things I say I will do? 

This is a powerful center for us to get things done, to move forward in life with our goals and dreams. This is the place to look at how much our relationships determine how we behave.

The endocrine gland associated with this chakra is the pancreas, which basically turns food into you, by secreting digestive enzymes and insulin and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

Oils recommended for the 3rd chakra are:
*Marjoram: the oil of connection. Being connected is how we determine who we are and who we want to be. This oil can be very helpful in supporting a healthy pancreas.

*Geranium: the oil of love and trust. This determines how we behave in relationship to each other. Geranium is very supportive of the pancreas (as well as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys, low libido and sex hormone balance).

*Coriander: the oil of integrity-the more integrity we act with, the more respect we and others have for ourselves. Helps to support healthy blood sugar levels.

*Grapefruit: the oil of honoring the body and is also powerful support for supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

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