It's not always easy to be mindful. I get that. And what does it even mean to live "mindfully"? Well, do you go through your day noticing the smells of the flowers, the taste of your food, the softness of your baby's hair, the feel of the wind on your skin or the voices of the birds singing? Or do you go through your life, texting on your phone as you scarf food on the run trying to get the kids out the door to get to the 4 billion activities you've committed yourself and them to? Would you like to feel a little more mindful? 

Living mindfully can remind you to be a nicer human being. It can remind you to be nicer to can live in a more relaxed body, enjoy your food more, love your kids harder among a myriad of other benefits. You don't even have to go on a week long meditation retreat to get there- I mean, if you have the opportunity to do that, by all means, do it! But, if all you have are just a few minutes here and there in your overly busy day, then this is your jam. I am going to provide you with mindfulness activities that you can take with you on your busy day and that only take a few moments, but can totally change your perspective if you embrace them. 

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