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Hot Mess to Goddess 

Hot Springs Retreat

Join us at Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Thursday, May 18th-Sunday, May 21st, 2023

We will gather at Joyful Journey Hot Springs to bring forth our Divine Feminine Goddess out of the Hot Mess of every day life and emotions.
You will enjoy a daily yoga practice with chakra chanting, soak in the healing waters, learn how to unblock your chakras with meditation, shadow work and sisterhood, anoint yourself in essential oils, eat amazing, healthy food & gift your body the shameless self care that she deserves. 
This is all inclusive and you will have access to the Hot Springs from 10 am on Thursday, until 7 pm on Sunday. 
"Hot Mess to Goddess Retreat was an experience of a lifetime. Our days were full of uplifting, therapeutic workshops that opened my eyes and my heart. 
The 360 degree views, sacred setting and naturally healing hot springs were the highlight of the trip.
 I left the grounds with 10 new forever friends while vibrating love and joy for months on end. 
It was an experience I’ll never forget."

—Barbara Bell

Do you feel like you oscillate between Badass Goddess and Stressed out Hot Mess? 

Are you ready to reclaim the connection to your Divine Feminine? 

To ignite your Self Love and activate your Pleasure?

Join us to connect powerfully to your body's divine feminine, heal old blocks and imbalances, and hear her powerful communication.

At times we can all feel out of sync with our bodies and our vibrant feminine energy. 
Sometimes it can even feel like your body and your hormones are betraying you and you're not sure how to get back into balance.

On this intimate retreat, surrounded by wild nature, you will:

*Tap into the power of your Inner Child & learn how to meet stress on a Primal Level so it no longer holds power over you.
*Meet your Divine Feminine & life force energy to truly listen to the desires of your body: what it craves for pleasure, food, sex & nourishment.
*Release shame, forgive yourself & embrace your shadow side to find your own Light & Brilliance and learn how to bring that to every relationship (romantic, professional, friendships, etc), to become your most powerful, magnetic self.
*Melt your heart walls and live in True Love, Compassion and Wellness and breathe through heart break and grief.
*Discover your Truth and communicate clearly so that you are truly heard and understood in every circumstance.
*Tap into your Intuition-the voice of strength, power & passion and send those inner mean girl voices to the back of the bus, so that you are guided to inspired action and the best version of you.
*Remember how infinitely, wholly and fully Enough you are in the eyes of the Divine. You never need to prove yourself - you are already enough.

*Discover how each of the chakras impacts your hormones and how you can leverage this knowledge to balance your entire endocrine system so that your whole body will be buzzing with more energy, vitality & joy than you ever imagined possible.
*Anoint yourself in essential oils specifically designed to balance your hormones and align your chakras.
*Join us in yoga practice that will activate every cell and awaken your chakras as well as support your endocrine system.
*Bask in the magic of sisterhood and co-creation as you are guided through meditation and mindfulness practices that will connect you to the Goddess within, physically, emotionally & energetically.
It's time to feel beautiful and love every inch of your exquisite body & understand her cravings & how to fulfill them.

"It is difficult to put into words how much I was transformed and empowered at the Hot Mess to Goddess Retreat. 
When I went to the retreat, my son had just turned one, and I felt connected to him but disconnected from myself and my body. Not only did this retreat help me understand, appreciate, and attune to my body and its cycles and magic, it also helped me connect to myself spiritually in ways that I had never experienced or imagined. 
Kestrel and Cara created a safe, loving space where everyone felt comfortable being vulnerable, and I was constantly inspired by the women I shared space with. 
The itinerary included an impressive range of activities, all of which simultaneously grounded me and challenged me. 
Now, over a year after the retreat, I still use the essential oils that were shared, listen to the songs that were played, and have a keepsake in my car, so that every day I can be reminded of my magic and power that Kestrel and Cara helped me discover.
Writing this testimonial made me so emotional thinking about all of you and all of our experiences during the retreat."
—Lisa Favazza

Juicy Details

*Shared accommodations at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in the San Luis Valley with access to the hot springs, labyrinth, greenhouse, dry sauna & spa services.

*Daily movement, yoga, dance, embodiment practices, resistance training and magic to awaken your physical body and understand what your body needs.

*Life changing physical experiences with the option to step out of your comfort zone where you can truly transform.

*Guided meditation, sensuality practices, transformative ceremonies and energy healing to remind you that the Goddess embodies both the shadow & the light.

*Delicious meals thoughtfully prepared by the staff of Joyful Journey 

(3 Breakfasts, 3 Dinners, 3 Lunches).

*Access to the Hot Springs before and after the retreat starts (10 am- 7pm May 18-21st).

*Secret surprises and gifts

Airport:Fly in to Denver International Airport (approx 3.5 hour drive) or Colorado Springs Airport (approx 2.5 hour drive)*

*Transportation not included. We will help connect everyone coming if you wish to share transportation.

*Options for payment: