Warriors of Love

This election has kicked my ass, thoroughly. I am reeling. I am hurting. And I am terrified. But do you know what else? I am finding a power and a calling inside of myself that I didn't even know was there. I am engaging with curiosity and love where I used to dismiss with fear and disgust.

The world has shifted. A predator has been elected to be president of our country. And he joins a group of predators who would like to suppress us to make a buck. Our environment is in danger more than ever before. Our minorities, women, African-Americans, Muslim, Hispanic and LBQT communities are fearful, rightfully so, that their rights are going to be taken away and that they will lose everything. 

 I am angry about this. And I am scared. Terrified actually. But there is no power in anger. And there is no power in fear. There is power in love. I'm sure many of you are also feeling rage and terror...And it's hard to feel, isn't it? It hurts...that pain and that starts to tear you apart and makes you want to lash out and hurt someone back. But be brave, my loves...and reach for love. Reach for compassion. Reach for understanding. Channel your hurt and find love. Find what you are angry about and if it's the environment...become a champion of the environment. Take the action to protect our Mother Earth. Look into ways to get involved to make a change locally and globally. It is not time to sit back and wait for someone else to change it. Be the change you want to see. Love the Earth so hard that you figure out all the ways that you can protect her and teach the people around you to do the same. 

 Speak up for minorities when you see injustices being done. Teach your children to stand up for themselves and anyone who is being suppressed and bullied. This is not the time for fear and turning our backs to those in need. If children at school are being bullied, teach your child to rise up with love and protect them. Teach them how to respect themselves and others. No means no, no matter who is saying it. Our bodies are sacred and should be treated with the utmost respect. If boundaries are crossed inappropriately, give them the tools to stand up for themselves and others. It's time to stop turning our backs on racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred in our country. It's time to be brave. No one else is coming to fix this. So speak up. Be brave and love hard.

 I see such a beautiful transition coming out of all of this because if I can find my voice and my power, so can you. If we all step into our power, we cannot be stopped. Love will rise strong. For every KKK member that comes out of the woodwork, there are at least 50-100 people to step in, to fight for what is right. I am not going to cower in fear that the people I love will be hurt. Because I am going to fight for them. I am going to defend them. 

 I've been living in fear and denial. There does need to be a revolution. We need to defend our planet. We are being poisoned by Monsanto and the pharmaceutical companies. Our water is compromised. Our soil is compromised. The nutrition has been taken out of our food and it's hard to even find food at the supermarket. Processed, gmo created, prepackaged, propaganda marketed is poisoning us. Our autoimmune disorders are caused by the food we eat. By the water we drink. It's November 10th and it's 70 degrees outside. My peach tree thinks it is spring and has started budding.

Our country is dropping bombs on at least 7 other countries, killing babies. 1 out of 4 women is raped in her lifetime. (Many more than once). We have a problem America. It's time to stop fighting for our limitations by saying, "I can't." When you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them. I for one, am done with my limitations and I am ready to rise strong to say this is not the world I want to live in. 

And I will create the world I do want to live in. It's not too late. It's not time to lie down and cower in the corner. It is time to protect ourselves and all that we love. And take a stance for what we believe and what we love. Find your cause and put all of your power behind it. Don't get stuck in the deep feelings of rage and fear...rise above them, because they are calling you to love. Channel your energy into what you love. This morning as I was taking my children to daycare, I was overcome by my fear and rage and I just cried as I drove. When we arrived, both of my children were quiet and upset...I looked at Lucas and said, "I'm sorry. Mommy just fell into a pit and I want you to know that I am back and I Love you. You are powerful because you are true love. Do you know how powerful you are? Do you know how powerful your love is?" We put our hands on each others hearts and looked into each others eyes and my fear and rage subsided, because I channeled my energy into love. And my son looked into my eyes and said "yes mama. I do know my power. And I know how to love." And the energy shifted and it will keep shifting, because I will keep loving. And everyone around me will feel that love. 

I am done being afraid. And I am done being silent. I am a Warrior of Love and I am powerful. And so are you. So are we all.

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