Money is my best friend

What is your relationship with money? Is it the "root of all evil"? Does the thought of money stress you out? Is there never enough? Were you taught that "money doesn't grow on trees"? Do you cringe when the subject of money comes up? 

Recently, I listened to a webinar series by the brilliant, Tiffany Peterson (she is a wonderful business/life coach...if you haven't heard of her before, check her out at On one of the calls, she was coaching us to come up with some mantras about money. "Money is my best friend" was one that she mentioned...and then she went on to say (and I'm probably paraphrasing) if you are treating money like you're enemy, calling it names, cringing to even speak about it, thinking horrible thoughts about it, well, then, sweetheart, you're keeping it at bay. You are keeping money and abundance away from you, because of your attitude towards it. Who wants to hang out with someone who constantly bad mouths them? 

Okay, you guys, I know that money isn't a person...but you get it right? Your thoughts become your emotions become your physical being become your reality. If you are energetically pushing money away by calling it an asshole, then how on earth is money ever going to come to you? 

So, I've adopted this mantra..."Money is my best friend." And instead of ignoring it or worrying about it or trying to control it...I've started to "nurture" my money. I check on it, once a week or so and I see how it's doing. It's amazing how giving your money a little bit of loving attention can really start to bring it into your life. I've been able to really look at where my money is going and to be grateful that I have so many wonderful things I can choose to have in my life and I've been able to look at if my money is going out without my choosing that (ie cancelling automatic payments for things or services I'm not really using.) I've also been able to track my phone usage and determine if my family needs a slightly cheaper plan. The other day, just by spending a little time nurturing my money, I was able to bring back $250. 

So what is your money story? 

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