Love and french fries

I got back from the doTERRA convention a few weeks ago and Holy Moly, it was mind-blowing. I felt both gutted and simultaneously made more whole than I've ever been. I listened raptly to a woman, Immaculée Ilibagiza, tell of the Rwandan genocide of 1994, when millions of people were murdered, including her entire family. She took refuge in a neighbor's 3' x 4' bathroom with seven other women for NINETY days. In those 90 days, she became a person who Wayne Dyer  is quoted as saying, "There is something much more than charisma at work here - Immaculée not only writes and speaks about unconditional love and forgiveness, but she radiates it wherever she goes." She really is the embodiment of love.

In the next session we learned about Operation Underground Railroad, which is a non-profit founded by Tim Ballard which assists governments around the world in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims with a special focus on children. He spoke of 2 million children being trafficked in the United States alone. There are approximately 45 million people globally being trafficked for sex as well as labor. This is so unacceptable and rage inducing to me that even though I had just heard this beautiful message from Immaculee, I was outraged by hearing stories of children being stolen and sold into sex slavery.

It took me several weeks to really process it and I'm still processing...but I have decided that #1. I will not contribute to slavery in any way that I can...I will seek out fair trade goods and always know where they are coming from as often as I can. I will buy second hand and reuse as much as possible. And #2. I will look for love in every situation. People are, in general, doing the best that they can...If I can still look on them with love and compassion, the world will be a better place for doing that.

Later that day, I took the boys out for hamburgers & french fries..I was looking for love all around and enjoying watching the boys eating their fries (and also wishing they would eat more hamburger!) The lady behind the counter heard Wesley say that he wanted MORE french fries...I was just about to explain that he needed to eat a little more burger when she brought a giant basket of fries to us.

Love in the form of french fries. I can get down with that. 


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