Ain't nobody got time for that...

Do you feel depleted, tired, as if you could sleep for a week and never catch up? When your husband asks for sex, is your first response a groan or a sigh (even if it's internally) because you just can't be asked for one more thing? Do you have time for self-care or is "self-care" a phrase that makes you roll your eyes in exasperation, because ain't nobody got time for that shiz?

 Welcome to Mindful Essentials...A place where you can relax for a few minutes and find some tools to help you catch up that only require a few minutes per day, but if you do them, will help you get some sanity back. Self-care does not require a full day to the spa or a weekend yoga retreat away from your family (although those things are wonderful and if you can swing it, do it!) Self-care can be as easy as closing your eyes and taking a deep breath and feeling your muscles relax and some of the tension ease away as you focus on your inhale and exhale. Try it. Right now. Close your eyes. Inhale to the count of 12...Hold one second, and exhale to the count of 12. Do you feel better? Even a little? Be honest. If you don't, well, honey, you need more help than I can offer. But, if you do feel even a little bit better, remember that exercise the next time you are feeling frantic, depleted and ready to maim someone at the grocery store. You can even do it while driving, though I would recommend keeping your eyes open. 

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