Third Eye


6th: Third Eye chakra, from Sanskrit Ajna, "command/perceive." Associate with the Pineal gland.

 It is located on your forehead, between your eyes. This is the center of your inner guidance and wisdom, and the seat of your intuition. This chakra’s gift is in connecting to your higher self and inner wisdom. 

Our intuition will always tell us the truth of who we are. This is where we connect to our true self and hear "you are amazing, you can do this, you are worthy and valuable, you are loved." It is important to connect to this voice as often as possible, through exercise or meditation or journaling or prayer...whatever connects you to your inner knowing. 

Core beliefs to work on in this chakra:
* Do you believe in your own innate worthiness? 
*Do you connect to your inner wisdom and follow its guidance? 

This is also a chakra that opens us up to deeper spiritual awakenings and discoveries about how vast the universe and cosmos is and how we have access to more than we think we do. 

Pineal gland produces melatonin and regulates our circadian rhythms. It is also largely responsible for the images we see in our dreams. The element associated with this chakra is light and that has a deep and profound effect on our pineal gland and its ability to secrete hormones to help us sleep and rest.

This chakra/gland is also known as the seed or seat of the soul. In many ancient spiritual art you will see a depiction of a pinecone, which is the shape of the pineal gland.

6th chakra blend:
*Arborvitae: the oil of divine grace-when we connect to our higher self, we are connecting with the Divine. Arborvitae assists in allowing that connection. This oil is very detoxifying; often times our pineal gland becomes calcified from too much flouride.

*Frankincense: oil of truth and father-it assists in spiritual awakening and helps us feel the love of the Divine, supports the pineal and pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. It can bypass the blood/brain barrier and therefore helps to deliver more oxygen to the brain.

*Hawaiian Sandalwood: oil of sacred devotion-holding ourselves, our higher true self in reverence and respect-also supports the pineal and pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus.

*Cedarwood: the oil of community-assists in helping us see that we are not alone and it opens us to seeing the support system that is always available to us. Very supportive to the pineal gland.

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