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Move out of Pain and Into Power

Are you sick and tired of living with pain?
Do you wake up, go through your day and then struggle to sleep because your body hurts and you can't find relief?

Join Kestrel & Rebecca, experienced body therapists, to learn 2 gentle movement series that will rejuvenate & relax your body so you can move again, sleep again, live again!  

This workshop will include essential oils for relief from inflammation, injury & chronic soft tissue & joint disfunction, which we will teach you how to apply and how to use for the most pain relief.

Join us Saturday, February 19th from 11-12:30 pm and receive a "Rise & Shine" routine, to stretch and invigorate your body and a "Sleep Tight" routine, to soothe and calm as well as 3 powerful Essential Oil samples. 
Move out of pain, and into is possible!